Applications being accepted for Richard Freeman’s Teacher Intensive

So, during the past weeks we have learned that Tim Miller is holding a Third Series Teacher Training next summer (probably you should have heard back from them by now; if you haven’t, I’d suggest you follow up with an email), the next Confluence will be in March 2016 and now we have the application period open for Richard Freeman’s annual summer intensive. Here’s the link and a reminder of what this really fascinating and fantastic month is all about:

Richard offers month-long teacher intensives through the Yoga Workshop. The purpose of the course is to begin an exploration of the internal principles and forms of Ashtanga Yoga at a level that will deepen one’s practice and make teaching a natural outcome of practice. Always returning to our own personal experience, we will explore the practices and philosophies of yoga, their contexts, purposes, patterns and limitations. Examining the tradition from multiple viewpoints should give depth and sophistication to the interconnected processes of yoga. The course will flow through the many and often contradictory philosophies of yoga into therapeutics, into asana practice, on to Sanskrit and pranayama, back into meditation, on into the biomechanics of posture and movement and into the hands-on world of relating to others.

The dates are July 27 to Aug. 21, so it overlaps a few days with Tim’s Third Series — so tough choice! A bit more about the requirements:

Applications are evaluated from a broad perspective and we try to select a group with balanced interests and proficiencies: yoga, practice, philosophical, life experience, etc. — so please be clear and specific about your interests, strengths, limitations, and other information you feel is important.

Cost is $3,300. All the info is at the link.

Posted by Steve