So… pick your six Ashtanga poses

On Friday, we passed on the big news that Ashtanga only has six poses in it! Who knew? Apparently none of the old hand students and teachers. It took a woman on the Today show to shed the light on us.

(Coming next month, Today unveils what’s really in the Yoga Korunta.)

With this news, of course, has come lots of people joking about these six poses. But so far, no one has clarified which they are.


Now’s your chance to forever alter the Ashtanga practice. Which six poses should make up Ashtanga? Bonus points for both valid and hilarious points.

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Ashtanga and its six poses. Just six

You may have already lucked into this, but it is too good not to share.

I first saw the condensed clip at Eddie Stern’s Instagram account. This week on the Today show, they dove into yoga and .. well, with Ashtanga there may have been a few errors. From the piece online, where you also can watch the full video (what is at Eddie’s Instagram is the best moment):

On the show Tuesday, Wolfe said the practice that began thousands of years ago is now hotter than ever, still offering all the same benefits.

“It stretches, it strengthens, it tones, it helps you connect to your heart, mind, body and breath,” instructor Narisara Vanichanan said on TODAY.

In the last few years, though, yoga has undergone something of a makeover. Classes are stepping it up a notch, keeping the foundation of breathing and flowing movement, but adding things like strength training, cardio and core work.


Advanced yogis may like Ashtanga yoga, six poses that are physically demanding.

Yes, you read that right. Six poses. As people are saying, though, at least they are hard ones! (Wouldn’t you guess if they were going to mess it up, it would have been about its having eight poses?)

Sorry I can’t get the clip to embed. But it is worth at least checking the Instagram.

And, I hope, that’s it for posting for today. When it rains, it pours.

Update: Someone should do a YouTube video of “The Six.”

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