Removing your Super Bowl obstacles

Due to a long day of travel, I’m a little behind on this… it feels like the Super Bowl already is fading from memory.

But we couldn’t not pass this story on, via USA Today:

When Tom Brady reached his locker, about an hour after victory and a series of interviews, he was done talking to the news media. But his locker spoke for him.

Prominently displayed was was a four-inch bronze elephant-headed statue — Ganesha, the Hindu God. Or as Brady quietly told a vistor, “The remover of obstacles.”


Ganesha illustrates the spiritual side of his psyche developed with trainer and adviser Alex Guerrero. But the spiritual is coupled by mental commitment, evidence by more items in his locker.


Brady walked into into the cool night air and toward the team bus with impeccable style.

At that point, Brady could not be lured in even by talk of the remover of obstacles.

“No Ganesha,” he said with a grin.

It was an obstacle — one Brady’s locker removed.

There’s a picture of his locker at this link to a Yahoo story about the game.

Posted by Steve