Year in Review: Most popular posts of 2013

It’s a time-honored journalistic tradition: Looking back on the year that was.

The not-so-secret dirty secret is that these top this and top that stories are fairly easy to produce and often take up lots of space. Perfect for times when small staffs are juggling vacations.

But we’re going to do it just for the heck of it. So, here are the most viewed stories of 2013:

10. Who has done all of the Ashtanga series? Does it matter? From 2012, but one that seems to pop up in searches a lot.

9. The two types of Ashtanga. Playing with the idea of what Ashtanga means.

8. Friday asana aid — jumping back. Our most popular of the mostly weekly feature. This one got lots of shares on social media.

7. Ashtanga Yoga hygiene manifesto. Another from 2012. Popular for obvious reasons.

6. Tim Miller answers some pranayama questions. From 2012, actually, but an ongoing popular one.

5. The mystery of back pain. Who doesn’t have some chronic pain?

4. Ashtanga as a woman ages. Charting the frontier of the practice.

3. Jois Yoga in Greenwich is closing. Our most popular “news” story.

2. Why Ashtanga won’t ever be popular, Part II. See a pattern forming?

1. Why Ashtanga won’t ever be popular. Hint: ‘Cos it’s hard.

Posted by Steve