This looks like quite the Ashtanga Yoga conference

I guess if San Diego isn’t an exotic enough locale for you when it comes to your Ashtanga Yoga gatherings, this one might be for you:

In November, in Bali, an “Ashtanga Yoga Bali Conference” is scheduled. The couple organizing it is Anthony “Prem” Carlisi and Heather “Radha” Duplex. And they are just part of the teacher lineup. The others? Manju Jois, David Williams, Danny Paradise, Mark and Joanne Darby and Annie Pace.


Here’s more from a Facebook listing:

The Conference will begin Sunday November the 10th, and end Friday 15th.

6 day Day Program:

8-10am Sunday through thursday will have a mysore class with all 8 teachers.
( maximum amount of students is 150)

8-10 am Friday, full primary series class led by Manju Jois,
other teachers assist in class

2-4 pm, sunday to Friday: a different teacher will facilitate a workshop each day

Sunday, Tuesday, & Thursday 7-9pm:

Will be an open forum discussion with question and answer from the panel of teachers with all the students. Topics will be suggested for each day as well.

Tuition Cost $900 for 6 days;
$315 due upon registration (Payments preferred through Pay pal)
*****BOOK NOW, only 90 spaces left

There is some limited accommodations available at Ananda Cottages in Ubud.

Here is Calisi’s quote from the Facebook page about the event:

“This conference being held in Bali on Nov. 10-15th, 2013 came as an inspiration to me years ago. I wanted to host an epic event with some of the most gifted and influential teachers of Ashtanga Yoga. I thought how cool would it be if we came together to share what we have learned and discovered over decades of personal practice and teaching. It’s an opportunity for students from all over the world to immerse as a group in some of the most interesting Ashtanga research of the past 50 years!”

Given our focus here on the research involved over the years of practice and how Pattabhi Jois seemed to study and adapt the practice, I suspect it isn’t a surprise is the last part of that kind of leaps out.

Anyone out there thinking of going? Anyone have thoughts on the lineup of teachers? I’ve studied a little with David Williams, Danny Paradise and Annie Pace, and all three strike me as having held on to Western yoga’s counter-culture roots more than others. I don’t know how that might play out in this environment or — since the comparison is an obvious one — how it might be different from the Confluence. But I’d think there’d be some differences.

Posted by Steve