Film excerpt: The significance of Pattabhi Jois

The folks up in Vancouver (not this one) have put a few more excerpts from the documentary on Ashtanga practice there online, and a Sunday morning seems a good morning to pass on along:

The full YouTube channel with a couple more can be found here. The documentary will preview this coming Friday.

I also noticed this from a Wall St. Journal profile of Gaia Repossi, the artistic director of the jewelry brand Repossi:

My morning routine is: to do ashtanga yoga. It’s a practice you do by yourself at home. For little adjustments, I’ll go to Ashtanga Yoga New York or Rasa in Paris.

A little plug for the nice folks on Broome St. My experience, albeit it a small one — five days of practice this winter — was I felt I got some big adjustments, but that probably speaks more of me than her.

Posted by Steve