New home for David Swenson videos from Down Under

It looks like the Ashtanga Yoga Centre of Melbourne has migrated over to a new YouTube channel or account.

You might recall it posted a handful of videos from when David Swenson was there a year ago (we posted about it in August); those videos are gone, but there are newly posted ones right here. Here’s one of the five, plus there’s one from an earlier visit of his:

We’ll note this on the earlier post.

Also, since we’re posting, click here if you want to see how Lucy imagines an “Ashtanga Jacket.”

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This video is now topping the Ashtanga charts

I’ve been watching, probably over the past couple of months, as the search results on YouTube for “Ashtanga” shift. Down the list has gone the 1989 video of the senior Western students with Guruji; up and then down has come this current teacher’s video.

But the top has always remained the same. This one:

Until now. On Sunday, it finally got bumped. By this:

Now, this video hasn’t had as many total view (yet), but knowing YouTube, it has been getting more than any others recently. So it’s the new “most popular” Ashtanga video out there. For what that’s worth.

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Ashtanga from around the world

Below is a (not exhaustive) collection of videos from Ashtanga shalas from around the world. As we find more (or you tell us about others) we will add on.

Our “home base“at Ashtanga Yoga Center

And one from a little back in the day:

Speaking of old days, one we’ve definitely posted before:

Pacific Ashtanga in Dana Point, CA.:


More from Canada:


Old shala, new name is now Ashtanga Yoga Northhampton:



Miami Life Center:

And then some links (i.e. won’t embed): A half primary and in Ann Arbor.

In Chalottesville:




Los Angeles:


Tel Aviv:

Finally, Mysore:

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Let’s crowdsource: Collecting Ashtanga shala videos

Here’s a call out to you: Do you know of video showing off the inner workings — aka practice — at any Ashtanga shalas?

I’ve had a few private messages seconding the idea of trying to collect any and all videos. We’ve posted a few over the years here. I think we have, and this is not exhaustive, the following: Ashtanga Yoga Center; Ashtanga Yoga in Melbourne; AYNY (via the NY Times); Copenhagen; Pacific Ashtanga; Paris; and (I always get confused) Victoria or Vancouver. (I’m actually having trouble finding it, so I may be mistaken.

And so I thought we’d try to crowdsource and get as definitive a list together as possible. It might make for an ugly looking post — a bunch of videos — but it might be kind of nice, as well.

So, do feel free (and encouraged) to post links in the comments — or via Facebook, too.

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A peak at Ashtanga in Copenhagen

This video is a nice scene-setter for Ashtanga Yoga Copenhagen:

Here’s an idea for someone with some time and video editing capabilities (although you also might need to get some permissions): a video capturing the “scene” or “feel” at shalas from around the world. Along with this one, I can think of videos I’ve seen from Tim Miller’s shala, from Melbourne, from either Victoria or Vancouver, B.C. (maybe both), from AYNY, and I’m sure others.

Might be interesting to see how they are similar and where they differ.

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