Heading to AYNY and a 50 degree drop in temp

We are packed for our weekend workshop at Ashtanga Yoga New York, over on the far side of the U.S. Our main message to Eddie Stern and Robert Moses has been: It has been 85 degrees in LA this week.

We’ll see how we handle temps in the 30s. (I know, many of you aren’t exactly feeling for us.)

We’ll post, as possible, while there, and we should have plenty in the week we return. For now, though, it seems fitting to pass on Eddie’s news of a new Ashtanga Yoga Outreach website, which includes the Urban Yogis work as well as the jail yoga program by Robbie Norris.

Check out the new site right here. And if you’re at AYNY this weekend, feel free to say hello. We’ll be the couple colder than everyone else (and probably at least as tired).

Little shout-out thanks to the kind folks watching out house. They know who they are.

Posted by Bobbie and Steve

What does it mean when everything aches during Ashtanga practice?

Winter is coming.

That may not be the most terrifying thing, given we’re in Los Angeles — and winter means lows in the 40s at worst — but still, this morning’s practice at home was a bit frio.

And, I’ll admit, everything ached. I think we can mark Nov. 11, 2012 as the Day. I. Got. Old.

My joints hurt. My already stiff body felt an added degree of stiffness. There was resistance everywhere.

Is this why, I wondered at one point, the senior Western teachers talk so much about Ashtanga and aging? I suspect so.

I felt old. I felt creaky.

So far, I’m taking this self-imposed news fairly well. I went surfing, again. (My run of sneaky good surf ended, though. All good things come to end.) We got things done during a busy, but productive weekend.

But it is hard not to contemplate just how different the whole practice felt this morning. The ache and resistance were deeper, if that makes sense. Or, perhaps another way to put it: It felt like a whole layer of stickiness had been slathered over me.

I felt like how people always talk about it. And, you know, some cliches are cliches because they’re true.

It could be a simple one-time thing, I suppose. But even so, it is hard not to think it is a sign of things to come.

Winter is coming, in the literal and figurative sense.

It’s something else to toss into the mix. Another part of the path or journey. A new fork in that road. A challenge, an obstacle, a lesson.

Strangely, though, to a certain extent there’s a weird exhilaration. If I’m right in my reaction, it suggests I’m aware enough to notice this difference, to feel a morning’s change. And that’s a sign that the yoga is working. (Maybe, anyway. I’m not quite willing to be that optimistic or delusional.) Perhaps this awareness will help illuminate other changes.

First things first, though. Perhaps a nice space heater will prove a temporary fountain of youth.

Posted by Steve