Share a little wisdom

Eddie Stern piggybacks on an article in the New York Times on wisdom in a blog post up today. Link and a little from it:

Several insights presented by the psychologists interviewed in the article mirror basic tenets found in the Yoga Sutras and Bhagavad Gita, such as:

“…wisdom consists of three key components: cognition, reflection and compassion.”

(The three functions of the mind in Yoga Sutras are cognition, conation and retention).

“Wise people are able to accept reality as it is, with equanimity.”

(“Pleasure and pain are a certainty in life, Oh Arjuna, bear them patiently”, says Krishna to Arjuna in chapter two of the Gita).

Go to the link for both the Times piece and for what Eddie says are “the most telling character traits associated with wisdom.”

It’s a very, very good read. Wise, we might say?

Posted by Steve