A Confluence of … ‘the wives’

Mt. Shasta

I had half intended to corner Tim Miller during our week with him in Mt. Shasta for something akin to a “formal interview” about the Confluence, but seeing him on vacation, being out in nature and under the shadow of the mountain all conspired against it.

We’ll circle back around to that; we do have a plan to connect with all five teachers in the coming weeks to months.

But I did, on one of our hikes, ask him what he was excited about, personally. I suggested maybe the opportunity to see old friends that doesn’t come along very often.

Yes, he agreed. It would be great to be with some very old friends he rarely gets to see. And then he added one more thing I thought very revealing about what we all can expect.

“And the wives,” he said.

Now, having that answer come out at Mt. Shasta isn’t too surprising. The first of the two weeks is very family-oriented; this year, I believe, there were 10 kids who weren’t yet teenagers, plus two teens who were in the practice room each morning. (Their commitment to the practice did not go unnoticed by the younger kids, so there may be a handful or more of new Ashtangis on the horizon.)

But I also got the sense from Tim’s answer that the Confluence, for him and the other four teachers, will be a rather joyful coming together. And I expect that will shine through during our classes and the “conference” talks each day. I am expecting to see very relaxed, very comfortable teachers who will be imparting their knowledge in a comfortable and happy environment.

Of course, that doesn’t mean we all are heading to an anaswara retreat. The past week in Shasta was a holiday, and I’m physically (not to mention emotionally) blown apart by practicing in Tim’s presence and around his shakti. It will be intense, especially in those moments when one of the teachers you don’t know comes over for a quick adjustment. (And equally intense when your regular teacher comes over.) I do think, though, that we will get a rather intimate and unusual window on these teachers.

And that will be due in no small part to the wives.

Posted by Steve