So what’s the hotel going to be like?

Catamaran Resort

A lot of the initial talk I heard about the AYC — besides overall enthusiasm and excitement — was about having to book a room at the hotel.

Right off, I’ll get this out of the way: The price seems pretty reasonable to me. And I think staying there — being in the chaos of all those Ashtangis — will be part of the fun.

But not everyone was enthused about that. So I thought, “Well, how good is the hotel?”

The answer: Seems OK, to pretty good.

At least that seems to be the consensus from the Yelp reviews, which I’ve run through so you don’t have to. (See how we are helpful that way?)

As with any Yelp, there are always the outliers who absolutely hate the place or have a bad experience. And there seem to be an equal number of people who just gush and gush over it.

All said, from 94 reviews it gets 3.5 stars, but I’d say it’s fair to say that a few really bad reviews probably pulled it down from being closer to 4. I will warn, though, that some of the poorer reviews are from 2011. So I don’t know if the place had a bad run this Spring.

If anyone’s stayed there or knows about it, comment away.

Posted by Steve