YoKids conference focuses on the science and how-to of teaching yoga to kids

Missed this ahead of time, but on Saturday a national conference took place — Eddie Stern was a presenter — in Washington DC that focused on teaching yoga to kids: the how, why and how to.

Preview story in the Washington Post is here:

More than 40 presenters, including instructors, scientific researchers and musicians, will address a crowd of hundreds.

“Our target attendee is anybody who’s interested in the well-being of children, mentally and physically, through yoga,” Mitchell says. “For us, that looks like parents, educators, school administration, teachers, also mental health workers.”

Attendees can choose to follow one of the conference’s targeted “tracks” (tools, business, research, schools) or select sessions from the extensive schedule.

The goal is to spark connections and conversations among a community taking a variety of approaches to yoga.

Here’s a link to the nonprofit.

And here’s a little from Eddie’s Facebook page reflecting on his attendance:

I think this is essentially what we are looking for, to be put back together again. We want it for ourselves, but we also need it for our kids, and for our society. We need a way to be able to help kids cope with the pressures of a society that we have taken part in creating. The stress they feel – from things like testing – are stresses that we have helped put in place. And while every society, and every age has stress, and is tested in some way, we are truly entering an age where more and more people are starting to step back and say, wait a minute – is this really the direction we want to go? This is a broken system that doesn’t need to be fixed, it is a broken system that needs to be transformed.

Sounds like it had a pretty good mix of discussion on topics such as research, the business of business and yoga in schools. And it sounds like another step forward.

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