If you want a yoga rug, you want it organic, right?

I suppose this one veers toward the “ad,” but it isn’t an ad that bumps up our bottom line.

And it’s the first update at David Swenson’s site since the very beginning of the year. And it’s about yoga rugs, which may not rise to the level of obsession as pants, tops and ways to do hair (if you have enough hair to do), but are still one of those things in Ashtanga.

Anyway, from his site:

I am really happy to announce that we now have a beautiful line of Fully Organic Cotton Practice Rugs!

I love the cotton feel for practice since it really reminds me of the “old school” method. In the early days we always practiced on cotton.

I like the natural feel under me when practicing and they absorb sweat. The fact that these new mats are organic is even better!

They work great on top of any sticky mat and will prolong the life of the sticky mat as well.

You can’t argue with the logic. It really is true that a yoga rug is better than moving around a rubber sticky mat. Yuck.

Posted by Steve